“You have a sculptor's hands, to bring forth the form that a body should have, and correct the distortions imposed by the weight of day to day life.”

“Your level of  integrated healing is premium plus.  And the tingling energy—it seems like that comes from joy and pleasure that is truly intimate from trusting and receiving.”

“I am in a blissful state from the sensation of receiving so much truth and kindness, integrity.  You are more than a specialist .”

“Just wanted to say that I am very grateful for you and that wonderful healing experience. I look forward to working with you more.  You moved some serious energy and I feel like I released a lot of emotional energy that likely has been stuck for a very, very long time. I am very curious and excited to see how I feel over the next few days and weeks.”

“Thanks so much for the incredible session! I felt like I cleared a huge amount of unwelcome energy and made lots of room for nourishing energy.”

“Our appointment was amazing and I have been surprised at how it affected me.  I am baffled at how I was able to accept everything without hesitation.”

“I want to thank you for a wonderful experience today. Your touch, your strength and your fluid technique had an unexpected affect on me.
You gave me moments that lowered my guard and allowed me to trust. Thank you. Trust is not one of my strongest attributes.
To be that vulnerable and exposed on multiple layers with someone I have just met is not easy but today you made it so.”

“Your presence sweeps away doubt and inhibition, about mind body and heart, because you are already there--I am simply amazed at your strength, the direct but uniquely kind and healing experience, your innate beauty and professional expertise.  Satya is a state of being, a grace, and your patient, skillful methods bring about vital breathing and true relaxation.  I am in your debt for so much genuine holism, hospitality and the simple joy of allowing you to artfully and generously flow.  I can not imagine a better gift for the self, the soul and body than committing time for your sessions, for the self reflection that continues.  So much gratitude!”

“Thank you so much for your warm and caring environment and your healing presence . You have a gift.”