Beyond the pure pleasure of sensual massage, there lies a deeper opportunity for exquisite intimacy and increased vitality.

My name is Satya Vitale. I invite you to explore the sacred art of intimacy with me in Austin, TX!

I curate a deeply intimate and integrative Tantric bodywork experience. I invite you to surrender to my intuitive sensual touch in my serene private sanctuary. This unique convergence creates a divine invitation for blissful ecstasy and enhanced vitality for the body, mind, and spirit.

*** Disclaimer: As a practitioner who values integrity and authentic intimacy, it is my intention to honor monogamous partnership. If you are in a union that would require secrecy in order to work with me, please consider reaching an agreement with your partner prior to contacting me.

If you would like a resource for exploring ethical non-monogamy, please let me know. I have a wonderful associate who can help you take your first steps on that path.

Satya Vitale

Satya Vitale